Braunton Village Fair has been run by Rotary in Braunton for so many years that no-one can remember when it started. The fair used to be run along with the annual village carnival which attracted floats from around the area. Unfortunately, due to insurance issues, the carnival was dropped, but the Village Fair continued and has grown and developed over the years. Back in 2010 when the new Braunton Caen Rotary was formed, both Rotary Clubs decided to make it a joint venture. They established a joint committee and this new format has brought some changes eg in 2012, music was brought into the arena area as we found that there was a gradual lack of interest in the usual activities.  In contrast, the music event was a great success and so in recent years we have developed and changed the layout of the field which now incorporates a stage area and a beer tent, The Fair still allocates a large number of pitches to charities to enable them to fundraise; and the joint committee nominates two main charities each year as beneficiaries. Other regulars include the Inner Wheel Tea Tent and the Braunton Caen BBQ Tent who provide delicious refreshments for visitors. We have been getting some record numbers with the emphasis on fun all day. 

If you would like to have a stall please complete the information form below.

The Annual Village Fair is a joint venture by both of the Clubs in the village -

The Rotary Club of Braunton 


The Rotary Club of Braunton Caen